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About us

Full Focus on Bitwig

Bitwig Academy Amsterdam is the first independent, Bitwig-specialized, educational facility in the Benelux. As early adopters and Bitwig enthousiasts, we are dedicated to sharing our passion for this revolutionary DAW through our knowledge. We strongly believe that Bitwig Studio can ease up your workflow and bring your music productions to a higher level.

Why Bitwig Studio?

Bitwig Studio is the new kid on the block in the world of DAW’s, but already offers a whole set of revolutionary features and an unmatched workflow experience. Founded by ex-Ableton Engineers it offers similarities in design to Ableton, but also includes highlights from other DAW’s and unique features never seen before. Bitwig offers 8 display settings (including touch screen control) for up to 3 screens, has a 32-bit floatings point engine and is among the first to support Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression utilizing the precize features of the most advanced controllers on the market.

More about Bitwig

Bitwig Studio's Unique Features

  • Windows, Mac & Linux compatible
  • Flexible user interface combining Clip Launcher and Arranger in one screen
  • Open Multiple projects at the same time
  • Pop-up Browser with filter tools and Audition/swap function
  • Hybrid tracks: Audio and MIDI in one track
  • Unified Modulation system and a Near Modular Device Architecture
  • Outstanding Hardware Integration including MIDI and CV devices
  • Open Controller API (create your own controller scripts)


Tim Niewenhuis

Tim Niewenhuis

Founder & Teacher

Tim Niewenhuis, artist name Nova Caza, is a Bitwig Studio user of the first hour, and the first Bitwig Certified Professional in the Benelux.

Maarten Dijkman

Maarten Dijkman

Co-founder & Teacher

Maarten Dijkman has been using Bitwig Studio since version 1.1 and is the Bitwig Studio Product Specialist for the Benelux region.


Focussed on you.

At Bitwig Academy Amsterdam we like to keep our lessons personal and focussed on the student. From our own experience, we know that every student has a different level of background knowledge and a different learning curve. And while some have professional intentions or are eager to know every function, some are only interested in the basic knowledge to start making music.

Modular Learing

Inspired by Bitwig Studio itself we decided to offer a more modular way of learning. We devided the program into blocks (modules), which are available for you to learn at your own pace. No intentions of integrating hardware? We wil not talk about it. (or at least try not to..). We will spend as much or little time per module as you require, so you set the pace.

Private, Dual or Group

It is possible to follow the lessons individually or in small groups. If you want to attend class together, please make sure you have a similar background knowledge and learning goals. As we are no dating site, we do not offer "partners" to attend lessons with, although we will facilitate ways to meet other Bitwig Studio users.

Additional Info

  •   Dutch & English
  •   2 hour per lesson
  •   e-mail or phone for dates

  •   Overtoom 431, Amsterdam, NL
  •   +31 6 282 40 353 / +31 6 239 294 98



Installation, Dashboard, Settings, Packages, Transport & Menu's.


Browser Categories, Favorites, Collections, Tags & Preview


Piano Roll, Drum Machine, Recording, Editing & Inspector


Mix & Arrange View, Split Window, Displays, Device Pages, Automation & Clip Automation


Effects, Note FX, Modulators. Voice Stacking

Hardware Integration

MIDI Devices, Hardware & CV Instruments, MIDI Controllers


Private Lesson

90,- / Lesson
  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • Per Person Incl. VAT/BTW
  • Dutch & English

Group Lesson

60,- / Lesson
  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • Per Person Incl. VAT/BTW
  • Dutch & English


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